We offer the right recruitment and placement solutions for companies, in their search for high-performance individuals and true professionals in their respective fields. Our team is committed to finding the best-qualified people, using optimised processes and the very latest in information and communication technology tools.

We also support recruitment companies in their own quest to improve customer loyalty and increase margins. We are able to achieve this by providing bespoke, quality recruitment solutions, enabling highly-skilled positions to be successfully filled at reduced costs.

Your continued success as a staffing and recruitment undertaking depends on the difficult task of ensuring a steady stream of suitably qualified candidates, and ones that are also interested in the positions on offer and that, most importantly, are available for employment. You constantly seek to maximise your return by hiring the most promising recruiters with the sharpest insights into the business, and to get them focused on the most profitable activities. We at Empowerment Group are here to help you navigate successfully through the maze of increased competitiveness for candidates, shrinking margins, and increased reliance on client-based technologies.

Workforce Solutions

Taking care of your most valuable asset, your people, is what you aspire, because you know that a motivated workforce is central to your success. We can provide you with quality human capital management services that will add value to your enterprise, whilst allowing you to focus on your core activities.

We can cover your human resource management requirements, from recruiting through to performance management and training as one comprehensive package. We are here to help you achieve your HCM goals by effectively appraising and managing competencies and core values. We can help you maximise your return by optimising your workforce costs and minimising compliance risks with bespoke payroll, scheduling and leave management services tailored to your needs.

We believe in a client-centred approach, and our team will be happy to meet you and your team to discuss your every exacting need, and to draw up a targeted HR profile that will best suit your business.

Training, Upskilling and Orientation Programmes

Empowerment Group may provide opportunities for training programmes, designed by accredited educational institutions, in relation to the nature of the work applied for.

In the case of overseas candidates selected for employment posts in Malta, Empowerment can make arrangements to offer language courses, tailored for the needs of the candidate. In addition, it will also offer orientation programmes on living and working on the island.

Temping Services

Whatever your needs for temporary workers, be they simply to get you through momentary staff absence, to cover seasonal high points, or to engage in project work for a definite period, we can offer temping services that will get the job done. Contact us with confidence to discuss a dependable, flexible temping solution that is best for you. All our temps are employed in accordance with Maltese law, and are entitled to all benefits.

Personnel for Specific Services

We can provide professionals in non-core support services, such as cleaning operatives, handymen, as well as care workers in institutional or domestic settings.

Support Services for Third Country Nationals

Empowerment Group will make arrangements to welcome and help settle candidates coming from third countries in Malta. The Agency will organise airport transfers, find suitable accommodation, and offer training and orientation programmes, as may be required. It will also provide printed guides on Maltese culture and lifestyle to facilitate the integration of the incoming third country nationals (TCNs).

Besides assisting with the necessary visa and permit applications, Empowerment will support new staff throughout the initial months of their job contract. It will monitor the work progress of each employee engaged through its services in order to resolve any issues that may arise at the workplace during the probationary period.

Student Recruitment Services

Our network of international student recruitment specialists and agents enable us to spell success for schools and universities in their efforts to recruit international students. We take pride in our ability to connect students with programmes, but we also help and support the students with affordable accommodation, and with banking arrangements and health insurance needs.

We can also act on behalf of institutions to promote their programmes to students in several countries, and to connect with internal marketing to generate information requests. We provide prospective students with information about your institution, and prepare and train them for interviews. We will also take care of all the admission and visa paperwork.

Our marketing campaigns make full use of social networks and printed media. We participate in local educational fairs in the target markets in order to reach out in person to prospective students with information on the educational institution.

Assistance with Travel Visas, Work and Residence Permits

When a candidate is selected by an employer to work in Malta, or when a student is admitted to a Maltese educational institution, an application for a Travel Visa will need to be submitted at the respective Embassy or consular office of Malta. Empowerment can help the candidate with the requirements to obtain such a visa for work or study purposes. It can also assist in submitting the documentation needed for Identity Malta to process the work and residence permits.


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